Arxius Oberts Cultura Viva

Promoted by Barcelona Institute of Culture (Barcelona City Council)

Role and tasks at Bitlab


Open Archives promotes a research-action process to define, collectively, what is understood as an open and accessible digital cultural archive with social value; a meeting to jointly identify the public-community challenges, through different perspectives and perspectives. With the aim of promoting and facilitating the effective use of communities for the digital cultural assets of the city, both public and private. A day to share what is the potential and what is the social value of free culture.

The Open Archives project will generate a research and action process to co-design community what we understand as an open and accessible digital cultural archive to promote and facilitate the effective use of the digital cultural assets of the city of Barcelona, ​​both public and private The objective of the project is to enable an experimental environment in the form of a participatory innovation laboratory, where to democratize access to cultural digital archives and technologically empower communities through the realization of cultural projects with social return and participation citizen

For its implementation, the project will be characterized by the realization of a research on the state of the art, an ethnography to identify communities and community projects on the subject, a mapping of the digital cultural assets of the city, as well as a process of community functional co-design to decide in a participatory way the technical specifications of the domain of the Open Archives. These work sessions and discussions should serve as a starting point and a basis for collectively agreeing what we understand as a digital Open File, from an access point of view, publication, description and intellectual property, as well as its possible uses and its degree of circularity among others.