Atheneum of Data – Digital Citizen Laboratories in Libraries

Promoted by Library Network of the Barcelona Provincial Council

Role and tasks at Bitlab

Planning and execution of a pilot project

Citizen-centered open innovation represents a new paradigm for generating social value for the digital age, making a vision tangible to empower everyone to innovate. In the field of digital data, citizen laboratories for open digital innovation, or Digital Citizen Laboratories, are one of the approaches to democratizing the processes and skills of innovation. The Digital Citizen Laboratories are a model of citizen lab where different actors can co-create digital tools, based on open digital technologies, which address a series of urban problems.

In the paradigm of the Digital Citizen Laboratories, digital data is conceived as a common good, a resource that should be accessible in an effective way for all members of society. Not like a new oil or new oil to exploit unequally, but as a new soil or new ground to manage in a sustainable way for the common good.

In this line, in the period 2018-2019 the Ateneus de Dades project has the following objectives.

  • Adapt, implement and evaluate the deployment of the open innovation methodology based on Digital Citizen Laboratories, to generate a Atheneum of Data model that opens up to the open innovation the services currently offered by the Library Network of the Diputació de Barcelona, ​​and complement its work of training and training of the citizen with an environment that empowers them to make effective use of the open data.
  • Carry out four pilot tests in four municipalities where there are libraries in the network, to train both users and library professionals in competitions, processes and innovation skills in open data, as well as in identifying the possibilities and opportunities offered this common asset.
  • Explore the conditions, requirements and opportunities to scale the model to generate a network of Atheneum of Data within the set of libraries of the Barcelona Provincial Council network.

The methodology of the project is based on philosophy learning by doing, that is, learning through activity. In this case, what interests us is to develop activities in which librarians can try and experiment with other local agents, or provide improvements or implementations, if necessary, in which they are already being developed . In this way, in the course of the visualization workshops, or the co-creation processes of data solutions open to real challenges, citizens and librarians learn to make effective use of open data to solve specific challenges of your life or work reality.

Professional partners

Library Network of the Barcelona Provincial Council