Promoted by Barcelona Institute of Culture (Barcelona City Council)

Role and tasks at Bitlab

External coordination and management

Barcelona Lab (BCNLab) is a cultural innovation program promoted by the Institute of Culture of Barcelona in 2012 to explore, discover and stimulate new relationships between culture and innovation, understood as an RDI context (Research-Development -innovation) that hybridizes Art, Science, Technology and Society (ACTS).

The BCNLab program intends to promote and establish connections between people or communities around cultural ideas and projects, applied to the world of technology, science, knowledge and culture in the city of Barcelona. The program aims to promote the development of experimental and innovative projects with citizen participation, developing projects that elaborate on the concept of the “city as a space for experimentation and co- creation”.

We work to shape the concept of city laboratory: a dynamic and active city in which the university and the research centers, the business world, the administration and the citizens (the so-called helix quadruple) advance together. BCNLab is a space for the exploration and experimentation of new forms of innovation that revert to society, with the co- creation and citizen participation as key elements.

Professional partners

Fundació i2CAT, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Universitat de Barcelona, Guifi.NET, Institut Europeu del Disseny.