Canòdrom Challenge Barcelona

Promoted by Barcelona Institute of Culture (Barcelona City Council)

Role and tasks at Bitlab

External coordination and management

The Canòdrom Challenge Barcelona is a 2018 call from the Institute of Culture of Barcelona, ​​in order to promote the co-participation between the creative communities and the City Council of Barcelona in order to solve concrete challenges of the city. The Canòdrom Challenge Barcelona program proposes to host three open research and prototype residences aimed at the Canòdrom, Creative Research Park, for the implementation of public policy actions in the territory.

One of the main objectives of the residence program is to offer the possibility for social, cultural, scientific and creative communities to get involved in the generation and implementation of city projects. The projects will work on the research strategies – in the field of cultural innovation in cultural facilities, cultural festivals and cultural heritage, and cultural festivals – that characterize the call for residence, Challenge Canòdrom Barcelona.

The Barcelona City Council, through its various areas, facilitates the implementation of the winning projects of the Canòdrom Challenge Barcelona through its own programs and projects.

Professional partners

Barcelona City Council