EscolART – Escola de Rock

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Project coordination and workshop production

School of Rock is an interdisciplinary pedagogical project that was born in the School of San Pedro de Gavà in 2011. The project from its start-up  is characterized by programming brief musical auditions in the classroom. With the introduction  of the music band as a learning environment in the classroom, interdisciplinary activities and projects are proposed, to work key competencies and habilities in a transversal manner, and fully in line with the existing  pedagogical curriculum of the students.

The project at pedagogical level is based on from three premises at a methodological level:

1 – Authentic Learning .

2 – Project Based Learning .

3 – User Driven Innovation.

School of Rock is based on an educational context based on real experiences within the classroom. Given the features of the format of the Rock School sessions, project-based working in a collaborative way is made possible, thus achieving easily   the objectives of the project. To this end, the design of the activities and projects within the framework of School of Rock must be directed and co-designed with the participation of the schoolchildren themselves;   and must be adapted to the needs of the school from an inclusive point of view,   plural and diverse, both from the perspective of students, and from teachers who actively intervene in the sessions.