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Direcció del projecte i conducció dels tallers.

In collaboration with the Barcelona District Plan we are conducting a video clip creation project where the students, together with an artist from the Taller de Músics. In the project for the creation of Videoclips during the first quarter, the students of the Los Horts School in La Verneda district write the script, in the second quarter they build the props and costumes, and in the third trimester perform the shooting and edit the video clip.

The Escolart project (ART school production) is an educational and cultural initiative that seeks the implementation of school audiovisual production scenarios in the classroom. The project is characterized by designing and driving dynamics in the school context so that students themselves pre-produce, perform and edit audiovisual content of a social and cultural nature.

After a series of theoretical-practical sessions, the students acquire the necessary knowledge to be the authors of the audiovisual pieces. Subsequently, under the supervision of the dynamics driver, roles and tasks belonging to the departments and teams of a professional audiovisual team are assigned and they begin to produce the content co-participated by the communities and socio-cultural agents of the territory.

The project is based on three premises at the pedagogical methodology: 1 – Authentic Learning, 2 – Project Based Learning and 3 – User Driven Innovation. The ESCOLART project is based on an educational context based on real experiences within the classroom. Secondly, we defend work for projects and in a collaborative way that makes possible an optimal pedagogical environment to be able to easily achieve the objectives of the project. Thirdly, the design of the dynamics and activities within the framework of ESCOLART must be directed and co-designed by the users themselves; and must be adapted to the needs of the school from an inclusive, plural and diverse point of view, both from the perspective of the students, and from the teaching staff that actively intervenes in the sessions.

The ESCOLART project aims to bring culture and audiovisual closer to the school environment, fostering project-based learning. In the first quarter, the class group knows and interacts with the music group and, based on the activities proposed, the structure and the elements that must appear in the video clip are decided jointly with the artist. In the second quarter the class group must prepare and prepare the necessary materials for production; art, costumes, etc. Finally, in the third quarter, the class group and the artist pre-produce, perform and edit the video clip under the supervision of an audiovisual professional.

Professional partners

Taller de Músics, Simon Taibi.