Sound Wall of Repression in Belarus

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Role and tasks at Bitlab

Coordination, conceptualisation and implementation of the installation

The Sound Wall of Repression in Belarus is a transmedia complement to the effort led by the activist organization of journalists ‘Belarus in focus’ to monitor and document the violation of human rights in Belarus.

This interactive installation wants to sensitize citizens about the ongoing struggle for democracy of the Belarusian people and prevent the repression to which the regime is subjected from going unnoticed in the daily cacophony of world events. Each point represents one of the 35,000 attacked, tortured or imprisoned by the Lukashenko regime after the so-called 2020 elections. International pressure is essential to prevent further human rights violations and ensure that those responsible are brought to justice one day.

The Wall was installed in the upper hall of Canòdrom throughout the month of October 2021. You can listen to the testimonies of the victims here.






Professional partners

Belarus in Focus

Associació de Belarussencs de Catalunya

Ateneus de Fabricació – Ajuntament de Barcelona

Canòdrom – Ateneu d’Innovació Democràtica de Barcelona