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Role and tasks at Bitlab

Through the “MusicAula – Kenya Mission” initiative, a public school will be built in Kithunthi, Kenya, through scholastic micro-economy projects as well as local cultural productions and social transformation. These projects will include both the participation of cultural and social communities in the territory as well as cooperative associations and commerce of proximity.

The objective of the initiative is to obtain financing to cover the cost of building a new public school in Kithunthi (Kenya) through projects of pedagogical innovation where music, plastic arts, literature and the arts will drive learning processes and service (ApS) to achieve the goals of the international cooperation project.

Through the cooperation with Técnicos Sin Fronteras, Base A and Wendano is covered through volunteers all the part of architectural design and engineering as well as the human volunteers necessary to carry out the construction of the new school.

Through the cooperation with BitLab, co-design ApS pedagogical innovation projects with the collaborative educational centers and will accompany these processes to be able to achieve with guarantees the objectives of the international cooperation project. In this sense, artistic interventions and workshops of musical, literary, plastic and audiovisual creation will be articulated through Rock School, where BitLab actively collaborates with a network of school centers, musicians and artists from the ‘year 2011

To date, financing is still not available to buy all the constructive elements that are needed to build the new school. In order to achieve this budget line – which will allow to buy the necessary elements of the work – BitLab will organize a crowd-funding scholarship with, as well as a series of solidarity concerts in order to obtain the financial resources to be able to Buy the building materials and materials of the new creation school.


The objectives of the project are

1) Develop an international cooperation project through collaborative pedagogical innovation processes.

Through this collaboration, the aim is to make the students and the teaching community participate in an international cooperation project. The initiative aims to raise awareness through educational actions of the importance of this type of international cooperation projects and interventions.

2) Adopt participatory design methodologies to co-create projects and interventions of interdisciplinary cultural and social innovation.

In the collaborating centers co-design projects of cultural and social innovation to be able to work transversally academic competences as well as values ​​of cooperativism with social economy and proximity.

3) Make a micro-sponsorship partner through school projects of micro-economy and local culture.

We will organize a micro-sponsorship campaign in cooperation and collaboration with schools and other socio-cultural agents. The projects will be designed jointly with the centers, from a cooperative, interdisciplinary and intercultural perspective, to produce all the necessary materials and elements (rewards and mixing) to carry out the crowd-funding.

4) Recording a cooperative musical disc to work for arististic projects transversally (music, literature, plastic technology and graphics).

MusicAula will compose a record of 10 unreleased songs with the participation of local artists and students from schools, which will be published next spring and will be part of the crowd-funding rewards. For the moment, we have closed the collaboration with 3 recording studios in Barcelona (La Atlántida, Wave Factory and Wheel Sound) which will be responsible for recording and mixing the 10 unreleased songs that make up the MusicAula album Kenya Mission.

Professional partners

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