SMATH, Support programme for cultural and creative entrepreneurship

Promoted by Institut de Cultura de Barcelona / Interreg MED

Role and tasks at Bitlab

Support in conceptualization, production and evaluation of project activities

The SMATH project (Smart Atmospheres of social and financial innovation for innovative clustering of creative industries in MED area) constitutes an European-funded pilot program that wants to support emerging projects promoted by local companies and professionals from the artistic, cultural and creative sector (SCC), with the the aim that these agents can influence the economic development of the city and at the same time improve its sustainability, competitiveness and the creation of jobs in the sector.

This pilot program has as a novelty the generation of Intelligent Atmospheres -Smart Atmospheres-, meeting spaces, interrelation and collaboration between artists, agents and companies that favor the emergence of innovative cultural proposals and business opportunities, through the articulation of creative nests or Creative NEST. With these starting conditions, the project proposes an open process for the development of hybrid projects oriented towards social impact in three priority areas: urban regeneration, responsible tourism, and social cohesion.

SMATH is a project financed by the European INTERREG-MED program, in priority axis 1 of the program (Promoting Mediterranean innovation Capacities to develop smart and sustainable growth). It lasts for 30 months, starting on February 1, 2018 and ending on July 30, 2020.

The SMATH consortium comprises ten entities in the fields of innovation, the promotion of culture and research from six countries in the Euro-Mediterranean region (Italy, France, Greece, Slovenia, Croatia and Catalonia). The Institute of Culture collaborates with Barcelona Activa in the development of the local pilot, with the aim of developing the reflection and design of the strategy to promote the sector within the framework of the Barcelona Lab, and incorporating a program for entrepreneurship and business incubation in the key of quadruple helix and collaborative economy.

Bit Lab Cultural is part of the ICUB work team on the project, participating in the conceptualization, production and evaluation of project activities.


Professional partners

Institut de Cultura de Barcelona

Barcelona Activa